Friday, February 24, 2012

It's been a loooong time...

...since my last post. With the advent of a more interactive facebook group amongst my gaming group buddies, we tend to write our battle reports and our fluff there, rather than here.

Patience is a virtue that is valued, but seldom utilized. As the years roll by, I find that I start to understand some things more. Playing with a new gaming system in Malifaux, I learnt several things. In the beginning, I like to hit fast and hit hard, but I also get slaughtered easily. Then came the day I decided to play more patiently, to let a game drag into more turns. No memorable charges within the first 4 turns? No problem. The crux of the battle may begin late, but when it does, it's a deciding moment.

This new, patient style comes with better results. I registered my first win against High Elves in soooo many long years, under the 8th Ed gaming system. Luck has a lot to do with my wins, no doubt, also my opponent decided not to eschew all the cheese in the book too. No multiple Life mages hiding in elite bunkers of twin Phoenix Guard and White Lion hordes. No Book of Cheese. His army is still dangerous in a Pitch Battle, I still have no clear answer against the White Lion horde. But the different scenario and winning conditions in 8th Ed means that sometimes, I don't need an answer for the White Lions. Both battles that I won were Blood and Glory, where killing that big chunk of elites doesn't matter. Patience, waiting for that crucial moment to strike, is the key.