Monday, July 26, 2010

Bloodthirst sated.

A bloodthirsty JaeRoler starved of blood is not a happy JaeRoler.

Thus said, after work got in the way for the past 3 weeks, I finally had another game with YC on Saturday.

I used the modified Psyker list and it worked to a certain extent. However, I'm still not sure how it would stand up to a shooty/twc-heavy Space Wolves list. Nor how it would sustain its fight against Daniel's Deep-striking Dante list. But it's the flavour of the month so I'll keep using it until I have fully explored its weakness.

I hear YC's call for a more balanced BA list though. Putting his faith in 3 assault-heavy squads that tries to get in close isn't working as well as intended. There's not enough bodies to survive a large template AP2 strikes. There's not enough firepower to force out my melta-vets earlier than intended so that they get chewed up in assault, rather than let them survive long enough to drop their demo charge.

Landspeeders seem to be the ideal counter. Especially when armed with both heavy flamer and multi-meltas. That means dropping the inefficient LandRaider and its cargo for more Rhino-backed troops and LandSpeeders. Playtesting is that means more battles? XD

Some of you probably know that I'm preparing to spurge on more Elves for the upcoming 8th ed. I just ordered through YC some 100 elven models from Mantic games for a cool 71 pounds. This includes 4 Bolt-thrower models which normally costs 15 pounds from GW. Each.

Their skeleton models look damn nice too. So I'm really tempted to buy a few as proxies just for the sake of their looks. But I'm not a painter so those skeletons might end up like my goblins, getting painted by someone else. (hehehehe)
(note to Daniel : I'm fine with pink hearts on skeletons so knock yourself out.)

YC drew my attention to Perry Miniature's 28mm Napoleonic war figures, since he knows I'm into napoleonic war miniatures too. What I didn't read properly before was the number of models per box. I thought it was the usual 20 for 15 pounds. A closer look revealed that it's actually 42 for the 15 pounds. Now that I'm in the splurge mood for the month, I should be picking up a few boxes. I have an aversion to metal miniatures so the hard plastic models fit me just fine. On the same note, Victrix also provides hard plastic 28mm napoleonic miniatures. Especially of interest to me is the 60-figure Old Guard set.

2 box of Infantry (1 each) and 1 box of Cavalry sounds just about right.


  1. Ya lor, my list can only perform in KP games where I just go all out to smash things (HULK SMASH!)Even if I lose all models except 1 may still get draw or win if I smash enough stuffs haha.

    I kind of got the fantasy 8th edition bug recently, had been reading my army books and rule bk and did not spend much time on 40k hahaha. 1 side of me eager to play 8th ed, another side want to play more 40k games.

    Mantic games are the way to go if you want to expand your armies (elf,dwarf,undead) for 8th ed fantasy. 50% cheaper and nicer (imo) than some of gw stuffs.

    Perry miniatures, the cavalry also can use for empire pistoliers or rough riders in IG. The Infantry can be handgunners or guards.

  2. I just finished putting together the Tamiya 1/48 British Cromwell Mk IV tank that I bought in June. Took me long enough, hehe.

    It's the same length as a Chimera chassis but with a shorter width. The model looks damn nice with a main turret and a mg in the front. It will double up as my Banewolf.

    My only gripe about the Cromwell tank is that its main gun is not thick. Size does matter, doesn't it?

  3. @JaeRoler: Grats on the win man! Looks like your IG army is finding its synergies and tactics :)

    I think your Psyker list can still work really well. Dante deepstriking can only target one unit anyways, so can be shot up next turn. The TWC will be another problem ;P

    I also ordered some Elves from Mantic to sample heehee!