Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Elves have risen...

And my order of Mantic elves from maelstrom has arrived and collected.
Thanks to YC for ordering them using his account.

I have already assembled one of the boxsets, that is 20 spearelves, 20 bowelves, 10 scouts and 1 RBT.

I like the SpearElves. They may look obscenely thin as compared to other models, (looking more like skeletons of elves than the actual elves..), but their model looks nice. One thing I especially liked was that for the arm of the elves holding the spear, they created a clip on option. There's a round bit jutting out from where the arm is on the main body and the arms have a whole on them.

This allows you to basically clip the arms on and try out different poses, as well as swivelling the arms around to achieve different angles on the spears and thus different poses too.

One part I didn't quite like was that they reused the same body mold for the spearelves as well as the bowelves. Basically, the only difference between both is that one has a arm holding a spear and the other has a arm holding a bow.

One Pro I can think of having the body this way is that in the event I want more spearelves (since I have left-over arms), I can easily switch the bow-arms for spear-arms. Thereby changing the configuration of 50 from the 20-20-10 mix. But then the left-over arms I have number only 2 per box, so it will take a few boxes before it makes a significant impact.

But the con is that sharing the same body mold, they look the same. There isn't any elf doing the in the midst of shooting pose. And my bowelves all have shields. It seems like they created spearelves first, and then created the bow-arms as an afterthought to add variety.

The RBT was simple to assemble. It doesn't really have the same wow factor that the GW Dark Elf RBT had, but it suffices (since the HE RBT also didn't have any wow factors..). The GW Dark Elf RBT stands by itself as one of the best models out there.

I cast a cursory glance over my models from GW, and I note that other than my 20 Spearelves, 16 (or so) Executioners and 12 Black Guards, the rest I have are Cavalry. The addition of 100 elves into the mix would significantly boost the infantry numbers although only 50 is assembled now.

But now... I can't wait for my Napoleonic Guards to arrive.