Sunday, August 29, 2010

This is not the Old Guard...

...because they are not. These are not the Victrix models but the ones from Perry Miniatures.
I haven't assembled the Victrix ones yet.
These are French Line Infantry models from Perry Miniatures. They are as tall as the GW ones but not as fat. There are a LOT of extra heads in the sprue. Apparently, I can cut off the heads off the models and then cement in the extra heads. And some of those heads are damn nice.
At this moment, I won't. But I might use those heads for the next few boxes (intent already there) to bring out some different characters.
On another note, I played another Fantasy game yesterday impromptu. I used the Skaven rulebook and YC's models. The highnote of the game came right off the start when the Greyseer tried to grow whiskers on Teclis (oh what fun if that spell actually IF-ed on 9 dices rolled.).
The game brought back a lot of fond memories. Fond memories of me and YC pairing up. Us two are the well-known fluffers in dice-rolling, which created many hapzardous and eventually hilarious results for our armies. The misfiring Warp Cannon which did a Death Ray stunt on the entire battleline (ours) and many others.
Skaven is a fun army to play, as long as your aim is not winning. It's too random for some but you will always end up with a good laugh while playing. I should borrow YC's Skavens more.


  1. LOL 9 PD no IF make me a sad rat :(
    I really wanted to see Defu face if you manage to turn Teclis into a clanrat LOL.

    Actually Skaven is not longer the crazy random race. With the 7th army book and 8th ed rules, its a very strong army, if you run horde and keep those clan skryre stuffs to a min.

  2. Sweat big time man =)

    Actually I would like to see my own face if Teclis turned into a rat (and a frog next time lol).

    Can't wait for our next game, and I owe Crazyrat one game with his WE!