Friday, September 3, 2010

And the new Army emerges... DE 2250

Now that the real onslaught of the 8th Ed fever is upon us, time to retool a new list.
This is a test list to see how the army works with the new rules.

Lvl 4 Supreme Sorceress
Tome of Furion
Sacrifical Dagger
Pendent of Khaeleth

Armour of Darkness
Crimson Deat

5x Dark Riders w/ RBX x2

10x CrossbowElf w/ Musician x2

30x Shielded SpearElves w/Full Command x2

31x Black Guards w/ Full Command
Banner of Hag Graef

Cold One Chariot

Cold One Chariot

2x RBT


  1. we play close list lei lol...

    so no toilet paper hehe and hydra :(

    i rikes hydra :)

  2. I guess it's time to play open list lol.

    Can't wait man. 8 more hours to go =)