Thursday, September 23, 2010

Schools of Thoughts...

Many important philosophies had arisen in ancient China that formed the various schools of thoughts that we know.

They all argued that they have the 'solution' to saving a country, a society, a civilization but we all know that what they cherished may not be as perfect a solution as they proclaimed.

But that doesn't mean that what they preach is useless though, just that I feel that different philosophies have better application in some areas than others. For example,

Legalism focuses on the rule of law, which is good in empowering a country. How a society is to be governed and controlled.
Confucianism focuses on love of people, which is good in guiding one's actions. How one interacts with others to produce a harmonious society.
Taoism focuses on what it means to be, which is good in guiding one's life. How one achieves contentment and happiness amongst the mundane life that we face.

One cannot be the practicer of only one single school of thought.

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  1. I agree with your views man :)

    I think alone the various concepts have limitations. But if used interchangeably, it can present a fluid yet complimentary approach to different contexts in the socio-economic environment. Just like the enforcement of a law can be tempered by reason, common sense and most importantly compassion.

    I always imagined what would have happened if all the philosophers had worked together, putting their differences and egos aside haha ;P