Saturday, August 21, 2010

First game against Nids.

Finally back in action this month, and first game against Raymond's Tyranids. It's a new enemy and I totally relished the chance to get claws sinked into my men.

Raymond asked for a 1k game as he was preparing for a tournament (that involved plenty of MIG - Mech IG) and so I obliged.

The MIG list that I took was :

CC Squad - 4 Meltas - Chimera

CC Squad - 4 Meltas - Chimera

Vet Squad - 3 Meltas - Chimera

Vet Squad - 3 Meltas - Chimera

3 x Banewolfs

Raymond's Nids had :

2x Tervigon

2 x 2 Hive Guard

1 Doom on Malan'tai

2 x 8 Genestealers

1x 10 T.Gaunt Brood

Mission : KP
Deployment : Dawn of War

I deployed 1 CCS and the 2 Melta-vets mid-table and Raymond reserved everything.

Turn 1 came and went with nothing happening. IG units came in to take the midfield. Nids came in the Tervigons which sprouted more Broods. 1 rolled double 5s and had its *** jammed. Hive Guard shot nothing due to Nightfight rules.

Turn 2, IG tried to thin down the ranks of the Gaunts providing cover for the Hive Guards. Nids came in DoM behind the Vets and 1 Genestealers swarming in from outflank ready to eat sardines. Spore immobed 1 CCS Chimera. Hive Guards managed to pop open 1 Chimera and its Melta-vets came out. Doom leeched 3 more wounds off the Vets but rolled 6 for its D3. Genestealers fed well.

Turn 3 saw the IG melting the Spore down into goo. 1 Hive Guard failed cover saves and was melted. 1 Banewolf flamed the Genestealers down to 3. Nids came in last Genestealer which managed to wep destroy 1 chem cannon off a Banewolf. Hive Guards moved up but were useless. Tervigons finally came out of hiding to open cans. The 3 remaining Genestealers from the first batch immobed the Banewolf that flamed it.

Turn 4 saw the newly-introduced Genestealers chem-flamed away. 1 Hive Guard unit was finally fully removed after failing cover saves. Last remaining Genestealers were all melted to death. Doom came to eat a CCS that came out of a immobed Chimera. 1 Tervigon sprouted eggs but again rolled double 5s. No more bugs hatching. The same Tervigon popped open the last Melta-vet chimera, exposing the juicy bits inside. 2nd Tervigon ripped a Banewolf apart.

Turn 5 saw the last moving Banewolf tank shock the Tervigon out of its way and flaming 2 wounds out of the last Hive Guard unit. The juicy Melta-vets took down the last Hive Guard before been eaten by the hungry Gaunts surrounding them. 2nd CCS melted Doom into goo. Sensing KPs, the Tervigons went on a Banewolf-hunting spree, taking down the last 2 Banewolfs and an immobed Chimera.

Turn 6 saw the IG CCS melting down Gaunts, earning 1 more KP. Nids failed to claim 1 last KP when the CCommander threw 5 and 6 for 2 5+ invul saves.

Game ended in a draw with 8 KPs apiece.


  1. Well fought battle for the IG :))Looks like this went down fast and furious from the start. The Banewolfs can be very scary indeed. Did all the tanks have extra armor?

  2. Sounds like a truly brutal game man.

    I hope Ernie likes his new list. Seems like there is still lots of tweaking to do.

    Seems like a fun and exciting game definitely. Arghhhh!

  3. The last assault in turn 6 was epic!

    tervigon 4 attacks, 2 monstrous creature wounds, IG commander refractor field inv 5+ save


    game end DRAW hahaha

    The tervigon charged head-long into the IG commander after tearing a chimera to shreds. The Commander held his las pistol up and squeeze the trigger, depleting the battery in seconds. The focus las beam seems more like torch light shinning on the large monster, doing absolutely nothing to stop it.

    2 large talons burst forth towards the commander, sub-consciously the commander dodged the serrated talons slipping in the process. He cursed in gothic as his back contact solid ground. Before he could get up, 2 more talons sprang from the tervigon, the commander uttered a curse word as the approaching talons came straight at him. As his doom draw nearer the commander smell a faint scent of ozone in the air, a shimmer of light flash briefly in front of him and caused the talons to slammed into the wall of light. It took a full second for the commander to realize the intermittent refractor field had actually worked.
    He laughed at his fortune and scramble into a ruin to hide. Escaping before the tervigon could launch another assault.

  4. Lol! Excellent fluff. Really good stuff.

    Any AAR btw?

  5. After much discussion, Raymond has adapted his list again.

    The Hive Guards were almost useless the entire game as can-openers and will fare even worse with only a 18" range against Vendettas/Basilisks.

    To provide him with a bit of tactical flexibility, we dropped 1 Hive Guard, 1 Genestealer Brood and the Doom.

    We brought on 2 Zoantrope Broods, one of which is in a Spore. This gives him 1 unit drop-podding behind the tanks/Vendettas, thereby aiming the so important back armor of 10 with a Warp lance of 10. Against front armors, str 10 (rather than 8) gives him pen on 3+ rather than 5+. Blast templates of str 5 gives him anti-horde abilities.

  6. What is AAR? After Action Report? I think Ray will upload in his blog - Anything but 1.

  7. AAR = After Action Report.

    Hmm I feel that if you want to use Zoans, you should not drop them since

    1. You don'y know when they come down
    2. You seldom get side/rear hits anyway

    By deploying two broods of Zoans, your opponent tend to pour many, many shots into them. 3+ invuln man. Unless you meet a null zone army, you should last for a while. Then you can blast and go nomp nomp on us =)

    So sad I missed this game, seems really really exciting and a lot of good plays by Jaeroler and Enrgie