Monday, September 26, 2011

Winter is Coming!

And I just received the Core Set of the Game of Thrones Living Card Game from the Beardy One last night.

Finally, we can sit down to have a nice multi-player game. We were missing enough cards for a decent Baratheon and Targeryen deck before but the Core Set solved that nicely.

Greyjoy and Martell still poses a bit of a challenge though, and mayhaps YC's chapter packs can solve that quandry.

It's been years(?) since I last read books, but I've went through 3 books from the series and is now halfway through the 4th. I like the direction of the storyline, there's twists and turns all around to really provide an epic feel. It's like reading the story of some of the more tumultuous eras in European history where each player in this game of thrones are striving to do their best, some succeeding and some failing.

Even Lord of the Rings failed at that to tell the truth. Mordor was always going to fail. Sauron was always going to be defeated. Gandalf was lost for a time but he was never gone for good. Good will always triumph over evil.

But in the Song of Fire and Ice, things are not that simple. Houses rise, Houses fall. There is no being of pure evil (except one?), each player has a story to tell, failings, honour etc. Some characters are more loveable than others, but everyone has their shades of white, grey and black.

This is not Lord of the Rings.

This is not the Belgariad or The Mallorean.

This is not the Wheel of Time.

This is not the Forgotten Realms.

This is more Romance of Three Kingdoms. And that is based on history with each player having their shades of grey.

This is what makes the story more interesting.

Time to build decks!

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  1. I waiting for my Martell and baretheon deluxe... cant form any deck without the deluxe :(