Thursday, October 6, 2011

I like to experiment with Funky lists.

Lists that make no sense at all. All in the name of testing out various things/units/combos etc.

A lot of people netlists or draw on what others have to say in forums.

But I prefer to use the units in actual battles a few times to see how they perform under pressure from my regular opponents and how they perform under my rolling. Actually, I am so used to losing with my Dark Elves that I don't mind losing more battles.

People keep saying that Dark Elves is such a powerful army etc etc. I've won my share of battles under 7th Ed, and lost my share of battles under 7th Ed also. But Dark Elves wasn't the kind of army that can powerthrough opponents just by being there. My 7th Ed DE Cold One Knights Death Star list was fierce though not unbeatable.

I liked to play my O&G army too in the past , though I never play to win, mostly fielding a Goblin army. They provided a lot of laughs, both by blowing up spectacularly or bringing down a Dragon on the charge.

I struggle eternally against the BeardyOne's Dwarves. His Ogre Kingdoms surprised me, but I think I managed better against him after the initial surprise. I struggle against High Elves, having two good High Elf players in my group. I tend to have better luck against YC, but he tends to play funky armies like Skaven or Wood Elves. Battles against his Vampires tend to go 50/50. His dice-rolling is also legendary (poor).

I remember going up against SilverHelm lists, having to dodge Comet of Cassandras, and getting my 30-elf Executioners chewed up by a Gyrocopter (7th Ed). I remember a battle against Defu where he brought 8 chariots which out-ranged mine, and I got chewed up by his impact hits.

I have never broken the BeardyOne's dwarven infantry blocks, though I did once manage to eat all his warmachines and ranged infantry. I have never beaten Slann or High Elf or Dwarf, though I have drawn against the rest.

Tomorrow, I am going up against Tomb Kings and probably Ogres again with a new funky list.


  1. You nv played against my 7th edition skaven in 8th ed rules right? hehehe. I did played them at first, if I remember correctly managed to win against HE and draw against dwarfs.

    After that I went to search for a challenging army to play which was the WE. Its was too challenging and I gave them up, partially also very difficult to paint lol...

    I decided to break open my VC army which was still in shrink wrap after many many years. I had fun but due to 8th edition rules, there was only 1 effective way to play it and doesn't fit my style as I always charge with the vampire lord (general) and end up killing my general most of the time and losing lol.

  2. I was looking at your Vampire Count book today, and I was thinking of a way to play them.

    Using a Grave Guard unit with Great Weapons as your killy horde unit, and using 2 units of 40 zombies as your tarpit. Bring 2 units of Corpsecarts to give ASF to your units so that they can strike at their I3.

    Bring 1 Vampire with Helm of Command to stand behind with a guard of maybe 10 Skeleton warriors and guard your flanks with 2 Vargu-watever-you-spell-them-as.

    Should have enough points to flesh out a lvl 4 Vampire Lord to do magic. You don't have ranged units but you should be able to make up with your close combat.


    There is only 1 effective way to play VC in this edition. Most VC tourney list will be almost like the above link, with some variant.

    The main blocks will be ghouls bunker for helm of command Vamp lord. Wight king with regen banner and horde Grave guards with great weps. The above forget something important though, the scepter that allow the Grave guards to attack in magic phase.

  4. I was thinking if the list should go Zombies or Skeletons rather than ghouls. Ghouls have no armour, are T4 at 8 pts. Skeletons are T3 with Light armour and shield at 8 pts. Zombies are T2 with no armour at 4 pts, but with the ability to regen more Zombies than their original size.

    So for a starting magic turn, when combat is still far away, he can invoke a few more zombies as the buffer.