Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another slew of battles

I played 2 games yesterday, 1 against Yanxian's Slann and 1 against Defu's HE.

For the first battle, it roughly went like this, Slann managed to pull DE lvl 4 Supreme Sorc down into the Dwellers Below and nullified DE magic. DE Cold One Knights and 1 Cold One Chariot could only kill the skink priest and some skinks on top of the Stegadon, but could not bring the beast down. Counter charges by the Slann infantry block killed off the left flank. The right flank, the Cold One Chariots and Cold One Knights managed to deal some heavy damage to the Slann infantry block but cold-blooded rules allowed the Slann infantry to stay the fight.

After the Slann Mage-Priest dominated magic, it was game over for the Dark Elf.

What have I learnt from this battle?

Spearelf Infantry Blocks are useless as anything threatening but extra power dice for a Supreme Sorceress with a Sacrifical Dagger. Not enough oomph in them to carry the day against S4T4 Slanns. Perhaps against Goblins or Empire with their equal T3.

Chariots do work. Most of the damage I dealt came from my Chariots and their impact hits that smashed into infantry blocks. Against any other poorer infantry blocks, they would have carried the day. I could have broken the right flank Slann Infantry too if I did not roll double 2s for a 3+ armour save for my Cold One Knights. Those 2 combat res meant that I could not carry the right flank too and could have made the battle closer than it ended. But such are the whims of the dice gods.

I cannot out-magic the Slann Mage-Priest. Not with so many extra abilities and items. Metal hasn't made its impact on the game as I had hoped it would. I won't go so far as condemning the lore itself to the dustheap though. I do believe that it has its uses, just not against someone who outmagicked me.

The 2nd game against Defu proved my original thesis.


He brought 7 Chariots (2 White-lions and 5 Tiranoc) against my 3 Chariots and the results showed.

The game ended fast and the main action occured between the Chariots charging each side wildly. T5 Chariots taking S5 impact hits will also die. When the dust settled and my chariots were left lying crumbled, the infantry blocks were swiftly dealt with.

Book of Hoeth wasn't as much a big threat as those 7 Chariots running wild amongst T3 5+AS infantry blocks.

In the end, massive infantry blocks still wasn't my style. It's probably a call for me to return to my roots. The roots hammered into my playstyle by Daniel, the fast mobile army of multiple Dark Riders and Cold One Knights running wild.

A lvl 4 Supreme Sorceress is still necessary though as her +4 to dispel is necessary to counter an opponent's wizard. But I'm beginning to feel that against races that are better in the magicks than Dark Elf (or possibly just that Book and the oversized toad), I'm better off treating her as a scroll caddy and put my faith in good old steel.

But hey, if YC decides to bring his Skaven or Vampires into the field, she might become important again.

On a sidenote, my new list is out.


  1. I think your speedy army will work fine in this edition, especially with everyone running huge infantry blocks. You should be able to angle for multiple (and possibly flank) charges as they try to catch you the entire game!

    The best part about this style? It makes fast games. Too fast too furious! =)

  2. I don't think I can get flank charges unless it's a result of over-running.

    I know you guys well enough to know that flank charges are hard to come by. =D

  3. The new list is a hark back to my old list.

    That means...

    Yes it has TWO HYDRAS.


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