Thursday, October 7, 2010

Without further ado...

I think Defu and YC wants to see my new list. So here it is :

Lvl 4 Supreme Sorceress (Shadow)
Dispel Scroll

DE Noble Heavy Armour / Shield / Sea Dragon Cloak / Lance / Cold One
DE Noble Heavy Armour / Shield / Sea Dragon Cloak / Lance / Cold One
De Noble Heavy Armour / Shield / Sea Dragon Cloak / Crimson Death / Dark Pegasus

(Cold One Noble is 1+ AS, 0+ against shooting. DP Noble is 2+ AS, 1+ against shooting)

12 Dark Elf Xbx with Musician (for free reform)
11 Dark Elf Xbx with Musician

5 Dark Riders with Xbx
5 Dark Riders with Xbx
5 Dark Riders with Xbx

5 Cold One Knights Full Command
5 Cold One Knights Full Command
3 Cold One Chariots

2 Hydras

I used to run Lord on Cold One, Death Star CoK, support CoK, 3 Dark Riders and 2 Hydras.
This list is a hark back to that list, but without the Lord and Death Star.

Each Noble is now leading his own CoK unit, providing the threat on 2 sides. Concentrated fire can destroy each CoK unit but it buys time for the other to come up.

The addition of 3 Chariots to the list now that the S7 auto-explode is gone adds so much more tactical flexibility to this list as compared to my old list. I used to run Hydra Banner for its +1 attack to my front rank, which is an extra 5 attacks on S6. Now I trade that for S5 impact hits.

So what if Hydra's breath weapon is a 1-shot only now? I never did use the Hydra for its breath weapon. It's still my combat goddess. 7 S5 Eternal Hatred attacks. It may only be I2 so I smell lots of Purple Suns headed its way.

One of the most interesting part of this list is the Dark Pegasus Noble. He can fulfil many roles and is considered an extra to my army list. If he dies, no big deal. But he provides a very real threat to various people, and this is taught to me by Defu.

Sunglasses anyone?


  1. Wao. I love this list. I like the MSU-ness of this list.

    Suits my 'too fast too furious' taste buds hahaha

  2. I don't have enough MSU-ness to match your Chariots/Silver Helm list though.

  3. Your MSU are the heavyweights, mine's the light-weight.

    Luckily, the same rules apply. The winner gets the charge off. Would be fun playing this list, and against it!

  4. For such a mobility-inclined battle, the one who wins shld be the one who gets the charge in, as only the charger gets the impact hits or +2 from lance.

    Setting up counter charges is the important factor.

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