Monday, October 4, 2010

Layton's EVIL grasp.

That's right, a big bold capital EVIL.

Courtesy of my friend's NDS that I'm helping to increase her collection of games, I've been using it myself to play a few games. The end result is that I'm still aching to buy a console to play with, especially during those long waits in Civ 5 that happens during the late-game. (Yes, it takes more than a min for the AI to play out its moves on those huge maps in the end-game. Too many units to direct I suppose?)

I entered the world of Prof Layton on a whim under heavy recommendation from CM. Truly, the game is good. But it does confirm something that I have subconsciously known. I suck with visual puzzles. Give me a worded puzzle or a logic puzzle anytime, but visual puzzles stump me.

I'm so bad with it that I had to resort to using walkthroughs to get through particular visual puzzles.

Now if Sakura Taisen releases games for the DS soon, I might consider getting a 2nd hand DS. Heh.

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