Saturday, May 29, 2010

2k BA/IG vs BA/SW

As promised, the links to the photos taken of the Battle Missions game.

You can read the ramblings in the captions.

After-Action Thoughts :

SW is reasonably frustrated with his inability to inflict KPs. IG came in first turn to pummel the unit that is most reasonably poised to strike and then proceeded to eat up the SW units that were spread around and approaching piecemeal. His armour/invul saves were also exceedingly poor with many 3+ invul saves fluffed.

The terrain and deployment rules forced many units to come within melta range of each other very fast.

SW's army list is ill-suited for such Missions. Would have worked as the Attacker.

Daniel's assault marines were stuck inside an immob Rhino for most of the game and did not get near enough action.

YC's BA were baited by Daniel's BA and spent most of their time in top left (my pov) corner stomping their fellow BAs into the ground. they did not manage to disturb IG lines.


  1. Great battle man! And super pics with really nice captions!

    Well done IG :))

  2. Not so much the inability to inflict KP, but the overwhelming 'ability' to concede KPs lol.

    Well, because of that I thought of a fluff so all's not lost though hahah. Now I just have to roll a 6 on a D6 to start writing hee hee

  3. When I approached your end of the table, I had 2 options to consider. I could lay down fire on the Long Fangs on the building or I could lay down templates on the wolves to bring it down together with some flames.

    In the end, I judged that the Long Fangs were more dangerous which was why I templated them right from the start.

    My initial plan was to push the centre with the 2 melta vets, let the banewolfs deal with the hounds and template the Long Fangs/BA though long distance shooting by LR.

  4. Not baited but rather Astorath need kill death-company, its in his blood. (fluff explanation)

    Actually, I cant let a flame-storm (str6 ap3 template) baal predator and a squad of DC with recularish running rampage behind our back. I thought I could finished him in 2turns then hop back into the rhino and help in opening tin cans. I fluff my melta and pistols shot against his DC rhino and further fluff in CC by astorath delay them for 3turns. To make matters worse, the damn rhino decide to immob itself TWICE! (game plan explanation)

    But Krom list already at disadvantage before the game starts as his list provide alot of KPs. Almost equal traitor guard + blood thirsty BA total KPs.

  5. As I went through his list, he offered some 19 KPs for the taking.

    Mine offered 11 KPs.
    Daniel's offered 13 KPs.
    Yours (YC) was 9 KPs.

    The main problem was that he was carrying 2 HQs which offered 3 KPs each and which bore the brunt of my initial templating and melting.