Wednesday, May 26, 2010

IG 1750 list

This is a new 1750 pt list that I've been knocking around for a bit.

I dropped the special character and dropped counter-assault component of the old list in favour of more shooting in the form of troop choices.


Command Squad
Master of Ordnance (you guys missed him yet? =D)


Veteran Squad with 3 Meltagun

Veteran Squad with 3 Meltagun

Platoon Command Squad
Autocannon Heavy Weapon

Infantry Squad

Infantry Squad

Heavy Weapon Team with 3 Lascannon

Heavy Weapon Team with 3 Lascannon

Fast Attack

Armoured Sentinels x2
Plasma Cannon x2

Banewolf with Multi-Melta x2
Dozerblade x2

Heavy Support

Leman Russ Battle Tank with Lascannon

Leman Russ Battle Tank with Lascannon


Psyker Battle Squad with 5 additional Psykers

Psykers is the new thing to try for this list, 165 pts that is easily converted into other "to-try" things.

I dropped the 3rd Veteran Melta squad, the Scout Sentinels with Lascannons and 1 Plasma A.Sentinel to bring in 2 Infantry Squads (for scoring and cos they are compulsory for a Infantry Platoon) and 2 Lascannon HW Teams (the real meat).

Rather than 3 Scout Sentinels for Mecheezto's chewing, I give 6 Lascannons spread over 2 targets. Less melting available, but I boost my long range AP2 shooting.

Master of Ordnance makes a reappearance, now inside a Chimera's protective shell. He seldom makes his points back (due to the long distance shifting of the large blast template...) but he offers a very tempting target away from the rest of the army. The Chimera he is in is not for movement but rather, protection. You can prevent him from shooting by shaking the Chimera, but any shots directed at a AV12 is one that is not aiming my other squishies.

Even a Land Raider should beware the 2 Lascannon HW teams with the Bring It Down! order.

The 2 LRBT are outfitted with 1 Lascannon each to add more Str 9 AP2 goodness in gunning down the Space Marines as they come.


  1. Haha Master of Ordnance is back. Let's see how he performs tomorrow!

    Can't wait.