Saturday, May 29, 2010


Another Glorious Day Of Blood And Gore
As you might have guessed it, there was another day of bloodied fields and darkened skies.
4 of us gathered round in the usual place for a gaming session.
We decided to play a game of Battle Mission of 2v2, 1k for each player.
We designed our lists first, then rolled to see who pairs with who, missions, and deployment.
I (Traitor Guards) paired with Daniel (Traitor Blood Angels) against YC (Blood Angels) and Defu (Space Wolves). I and Daniel decided on Space Marines Battle Missions and Daniel rolled to get Surprise Attack. YC and Defu deploys first and we will come in from the edge of table. It is a KP mission.

IG Army : HQ - Command Squad
Troops - Veteran Squad with 3 Meltaguns in Chimera
Troops - Veteran Squad with 3 Meltaguns in Chimera
Fast Attack - 2 Banewolfs with Multi-Melta and Dozerblades
Heavy Support - 2 LR Battle Tanks with Lascannon

Daniel's Blood Angels : HQ - Reclusiarch

Troops - 10 men Assault Squad in Rhino

Troops - 5 men Death Coy in Razorback

Fast Attack - 3 Men Scout Assault Bike

Elites - 6 Vanguard Veterans

Heavy Support - Baal Predator

Defu's Space Wolves

I didn't capture YC's Blood Angels.


  1. SW list

    Wolf Lord, TW, WC, SS, Saga of Warrior
    2 X 5 GH, MG, MotW in Rhinos
    3 WG, 2c-melta. TLLC Razorback
    Lone Wolf, Terminator Armor, Chainfist and Stormshield
    10 Fenrisian Wolves
    3 Long Fangs, 2 ML

    Thanks for the report!

  2. Pretty boys BA list

    Astorath the grim
    honour guard, jp*5, ss*4, pf*1, melta gun*4

    Assault sq*10, melta gun*1, pf*1,ss*1,

    Tac sq*9, melta gun*1

  3. Sounds like a fun game guys! Everyone looks to be quite mobile with jump packers and transports. Was it a fast game?

  4. It was quite fast for Krom, he felt the wrath of traitor IG murderous firepower from start to end (turn 5). He end up giving 18KP to the "bad guys".

    Astorath and his HG were too late in rescuing the space wolves and only managed to wreck a devildog on last turn.

    My rhino immob itself on Diff terrain and managed to repair and immob itself again trying to move out the Diff terrain... another rhino also immob by melta and my tac squad could only walk, but it was too late for the SW.