Thursday, May 20, 2010

IG vs BA 1.75k After Action Report

2nd game I played against our resident rat's BA list (with macheezeto powah!).

The list I'm using is the Col Straken mech list.

Mission Type : Seize Ground

Number of Objectives : 5

Deployment : Dawn of War
(all flank annotations are from my pov)

Deployment Phase :

IG : Deployed 1 Veteran Squad inside white building in centre, commanding both 2nd and 3rd floor. 2nd Veteran Squad in Chimera deployed beside forest in right flank.

BA : Mephisto deployed at forest in left flank together with a Death Coy unit in Rhino.

1st Turn :

IG came in 2 LRBT, Scout Sentinels and 1 empty Chimera on the left to shoot at Mephisto.
Col Straken in Chimera and another Vet in Chimera came in between the white centre building and the forest on the right. 3 Armoured Sentinels deployed behind them.
1st Round of shooting came and went with the entire IG force peering into the Darkness and seeing nothing.

BA pushed Mephisto down towards the Scout Sentinels (taking 1 wound for failing psyker test) and the DC Rhino pushed towards the white building objective. Dreadnought dropped in BA half and moved behind the right building to take cover. LRR came in on the right. Razorback came in the centre and tried to shoot the Chimeras. Mephisto fleeted and ate 1 Scout Sentinel for breakfast.

2nd Turn :

IG Veteran Squad in objective building melted open DC Rhino and exposed the goodies inside. 2 LRBTs and 3 Armoured Sentinels with Plasma Cannon began laying 5 templates on the DC. The Sun shined, the Emperor went to sleep and all 5 templates rolled hit. 13 hits, and DC found itself down to half strength. Mephisto finished off the rest of the Scout Sentinels and decided to have LRBTs for lunch. *buuuurp*

BA pushed DC towards objective building and Mephisto rattled the first LRBT. LRR sped down the right flank and Dreadnought came out of hiding to support. Razorback moved towards the left flank to have an unhindered TLLC shot against the 2nd LRBT.

3rd Turn :

IG Banewolfs came in from reserves and flamed the DC. FRFSRF from white objective Vets saw the DC melted to 1 guy left. Mephisto flexed and the 1st LRBT exploded.

BA Mephisto assaulted the Banewolfs, dealing 1 shaken and 2 Weapon destroyed. 1 Banewolf is now weaponless. Surviving DC with Inferno Pistol exploded the 2nd LRBT. LRR cut into IG right flank, deposited its Termies and they proceeded to immob/wep destroyed the Chimera guarding the flank. Dreadnought assaulted the 2nd Chimera in the center and immobed it.

4th Turn :

IG Banewolfs skipped its way out of danger, failing the first DT roll but passing the second (Dozerblades!). Veteran Squads poured out of the immobed Chimeras. Dreadnought was melted into a wreck by the Vets with meltas. 2nd Vets and 3 Armoured Sentinels melted/templated away at the Termies but only scored 1 kill (Storm Shield saved 4 out of 5 AP1/2 wounds). White objective vets melted Mephisto down to 2 wounds.

BA Mephisto decided to feast on Vets for dinner. Termies assaulted the 2nd Vet Squad and chewed them out, leaving 1 surviving Sergeant to run for his life. LRR blasted the last Vet Squad scoring 4 kills. They fled.

5th Turn :

IG Armoured Sentinels continued templating away at the Termies but failed to score kills due to Storm Shield. Col Straken's Squad hammered away at Mephisto and brought him down to 1 wound. Banewolf finally melted the last DC. Chimera on left flank tried to ram the Razorback but failed to score.

BA Assault Squad came out of Razorback and assaulted Chimera. 2nd Assault Squad started to move out of hiding and claimed 1 objective. Termies assaulted the Armoured Sentinels and wrecked one. LRR continued its rampage against the last Vet Squad, flaming them into oblivion. Mephisto cratered Col Straken's Chimera and assaulted him in the same turn. 3 Vets died but Straken crushed Mephisto's skull in one death grip.

Last IG scoring unit lost.

6th Turn (game continued) :

IG Col Straken assaulted Termies, taking one down but failing to eat more due to Storm Shield. Banewolf tried to melta Razorback but missed.

BA Termies exploded 1 more Armoured Sentinel. Resulting explosion killed Col Straken.

It was decided to end the game at this point as IG has zero scoring units left and could not muster enough power to challenge the 1 objective claimed by BA.

BA 1 IG 0


  1. Hey, I love your battlerep. It was clear and I could catch up even though I left midway.

    Keep them coming man, your thoughts at building your list also.

    I am glad that Mephiston was smashed by Straken lol. Wohooo, go Straken!

  2. Does explosion caused by CC/shooting affect units that are in the explode radius and in CC?

    Because scattering templates will affect units in CC, but explosion radius will affect units in CC also?

    If yes, Straken died ingloriously (mentioned above) after dispatching Mep-cheeze-to hehehe

    Actually mep-cheeze-to suffer perils of the warp (IF unleash rage...) when assaulting the vets in white building and was down to 1 wound. He saved 2 melta and 2 lasgun and 1 multilaster from Straken + bodyguards on 5th turn after killing the melta vets.

    I hate melta vets... LOL

  3. Hi Defeng :)

    Nice batrep! Great to hear from IG's perspective!


  4. Agreed wi the well annotated Batrep although more pictures would have helped!

  5. Defeng(jaeroler) took quite alot of pictures but I think he never upload here.

    Yes agree with the batrep, easy to follow and well-written.