Friday, June 25, 2010

Another fresh round of battles

Played a few games at YC's place today, against BA and SWs as a welcoming party to Sam's return to our fold from the underside of the globe.

First game was against Sam's BA list which consisted of 4 Sanguin Guard units, Dante, Sanguinor and 3 Sanguin Priests (yep, total Sanguin fluffs.)

Won the game with the semi-footy list 6KP to 5Kp after Sam spent 3 turns trying to outflank through my refused flank. He suffered some hate from the dice gods, which ultimately cost him the game. First set of poor rolls was 1 Sanguin Squad getting wiped out in the first turn of IG shooting while moving past the building terrain (with windows), after I threw 3 rounds of Fire on My Target! on them (using HWT Lascannons) forcing his cover saves to be rerolled.
Then Sanguinor came in to eat 2 HWTs but got lased by a 3rd HWT. 1 More Sanguin Squad got melted/lased by a 4th HWT and some Melta-Vets.

2nd game was against Defu's Podding Dreadnought list which was quite a handful to handle. He dropped 3 Drop-pods with Dreadnoughts right in front of my lines in the first turn and proceeded to flame/melt the HWTs.
Time spent trying to melt and lase the Dreadnoughts down bought time for his Fleeting Thunderwolves to come in and feast. Once the Thunderwolves hit my lines, it was game over.

3rd game was again against Defu's DreadPod list. I had created a new list on the spot, using the Psyker Battle Squad/Ratling Pinning Combo to try and buy time.


  1. I'm surprize the sanguinary guard theme list can perform quite well. Skanwy could have won or draw if not for "golden boy" fluffing as usual.

    hmmm against krom sw drop pod + TWC list I may need to play back my old ba list that include death coy.

  2. I had a great time gaming with you guys again :))

    I still enjoyed playing the Sanguinary Guard theme list. I'll be making some changes to it, mebe a Dev squad or a Libby haha!

  3. Let's throw some dice.

    And have coffee =)

    I feel like tweaking my list. Did not do so well against Dread/Droppod list. Would like to get feedback from you guys next time we meet.