Saturday, June 12, 2010

I need....

More games. That's a fact.

And against more types of armies too.

There's so many armies that I have not faced yet. Tyranids, Tau, Necrons, various SM chapters. Another IG.

I've been facing off against SM/SW/BA, Eldar and Chaos. And it's been fun. But I think I need to test my lists in different situations against more armies. To have a feel of pain they can dish out and how I can handle them.


  1. I never play against necrons and nids only hahaha.

    fantasy I nv play against tomb king and beastmen.

    both game system also 2 armies.

  2. Play with me then. I have all the above mentioned army. keke. Bukit Batok? or PI? Should not be hard to get my contact also since crazyrat & krom has it.

  3. Woot! We have a gaming group going on in YC's place.

    Be warned though that i play with many proxies (hehe)