Friday, June 18, 2010

IG vs SW 1.75k AAR

Before I add new battle pics into my camera, it's time to download the old ones and update the AAR.

Above are the 2 pics of the IG deployment and SW post-movement.
It's me (IG) vs Krom (SW)
Mission is KP and deployment is Pitched Battle.
Space Wolves has first turn
Pov annotations shall be from the viewpoint of the camera.
Turn 1 :
SW moves up the wolves guarding the Wolf Lord into terrain for cover. The 2 Landspeeders with Melta rushes around the top left building for cover against Lascannon, intending to melt/flame their way down the flank. 2 Dreadnoughts move along the upper firelane to get closer to IG lines. Razorbacks decide to stand and shoot.
First round of shooting sees SW forcing 2 HWTs to take morale (both failed) and 1 HWT totally eaten by 7 unsaved wounds.
IG tries to spread out but fails to deal any significant damage. 1 Landspeeder got its flamer destroyed and 1 Razorback stunned.
Turn 2 :
SW continues its shooting rampage with the Razorbacks. The 2 Landspeeders flies into difficult terrain to try and snipe-melt Leman Russ. 1 failed DT test = 1 wrecked Landspeeder. Snipe-melting failed to pen. Wolf lord gets closer.
IG shooting barrage manages to thin Fenrisian Wolf pack. Last Landspeeder wrecked. Rest of shooting still failed to do anything.
Turn 3 :
SW continues moving Wolf Lord closer. Razorbacks with TLLC managed to explode 1 Leman Russ which caught 11 IG troopers in the subsequent fireball. 1 unit of 19 troopers (left out of 30) promptly failed morale on a 11 and fled.
IG barrages kills off Wolf Pack and Wolf Lord is now alone.
Turn 4 :
SW Wolf Lord assaults into Creed and promptly had dinner. Razorback + Missiles + Murderous Hurricane accounted for 2 more HWTs. IG line broken.
IG tries to deal damage as it comes in but fails to kill off Wolf Lord.
Turn 5 :
SW kills off the Infantry Squads on bottom flank and IG concedes.
As stated in the earlier post, after the first round of shooting, I found myself short on firepower compared against the Space Wolves. I had 8 Lascannons left with the rest being lasguns. Volume fire can kill the wolves but not Dreadnoughts and Razorbacks. The Long Fangs were hurting the infantry with missile pies after missile pies.
This has prompted a major update to my list.

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  1. u guys always run lists with named characters?