Friday, June 4, 2010

PBI 1.75k List

Aaaand the PBI list makes its appearance.

It's not balanced or anything. The original list I made was illegal so I had to make some last minute changes. My original concept was to have 2 Company Command Squads issuing orders fast and furious while 2 Lord Commissars stand around and let the orders get through with their 6 inch leadership bonus.

With multiple HWTs and Infantry Squads standing in line, this means that any vehicles coming into sight becomes targets for Bring It Down! and the not-so-squishies that disembark from them comes under FRFSRF.

Realising that I'm restricted to 2 HQ puts paid to that concept.

So here's the revised list made on the fly (and used against YC's BA):

HQ -

Company Command Squad
Master of Ordnance (he instils fear in others)
Officer of the Fleet (to delay opponent reserves from coming in and give me more time to chew existing units up.)
Bodyguards x2 (to eat wounds)

Lord Commissar

Troops -

Platoon Command Squad Alpha

Infantry Squad x3
Heavy Weapon Team with Lascannons x3

Platoon Command Squad Beta

Infantry Squad x2
Heavy Weapon Team with Lascannons x3
Conscripts Squad with +30. (total 50 Conscripts on table)

Heavy Support -

Leman Russ Battle Tank with Lascannon x2

Which comes to a total of 1.68k pts. So I miscalculated (again) and forgot about the points for the dropped Lord Commissar.

The concept for this army is massed HWT and massed troops bubblewrapping.
There's a total of 6 HWT and that's 18 lascannons deployed on the field. At a rate of 2 HWTs dying per turn, it takes 3 turns of shooting/killing to deplete my lascannons. This gives me at least 2 turns of 2 Bring It Down! to stop enemy vehicles.

The Infantry Squads is used to bubble wrap objectives, HWTs and basically make a nuisance of themselves. If it is a KP mission, they combine squads to deny KP. If it is an objective mission, they are 5 scoring units by themselves.

The Lord Commissar is ideally to be placed within 6 inches of 3 HWTs. (4 if the terrain suits me.). He provides a leadership of 10 to any orders being issued to them and a leadership of 10 in case they need to take morale checks from shooting losses.
The Company Commander has a Command Range of 12 inch, so he is also nearby and has enough range to issue orders to 2 of these 3 HWTs.
The 3 HWTs need not be able to see the same target, since only 2 of them get Bring It Down! anyway.

The other 3 HWTs are placed where they are needed to add some Str 9 AP 2 firepower to the local firefight.

The Conscripts is the interesting part of the equation. Their original design is to eat wounds. For the Lord Commissar. This is acheived by them standing in 1 single line at the back, with 1 snaking line leading all the way to the Lord Commissar. Any shots/templates that comes the Lord Commissar's way gets diverted to the guy on the end of the toga line. It's a glorious death I heard.

It'll take time to use this list properly, and definitely time to deploy this list on the board (hehe).

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  1. Wow! Thats a lot of heavy weapons you got there :)I think you used the Leadership of the HQ units well, really maximized the effect.

    I would have loved to see the conscripts deployed ;)