Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Inspired by another post detailing a Foot Slog army list, I have decided to revisit the Poor Bloody Infantry.

I feel that it has not yet been fully utilized and hope to create a list that is fluffy and fun to play, though I sense that ominous boom in the distance that signifies what the dice gods have to say.

A post on some special characters brought my attention to our Lawrence of Arabia-esque Capt Al'Rahem. For an investment of 70 points, I gain outflank for his platoon (but not the whole army as the post suggested). It'll add a new dimenion to the way the battle plays out, especially when some HWTs or SWS enters the field to contest objectives that were considered out of reach by my initial deployment.


  1. I think it sounds like a very interesting idea. It'll definitely have the element of surprise!

    Admittedly the outflank has its risks like coming on the other side with no targets to shoot at.

    But i think it has alot of potential. Especially if you are packing meltas and maybe demo charges as well :) Can they outflank in on chimeras?

  2. They can outflank with and inside their dedicated transport only.

    if not they walk.

  3. Cool! The Chimeras can give some added speed and protection to the troops then :)