Friday, June 4, 2010

IG vs BA 1.75k AAR

As a follow-up to what YC posted in the batrep. But now with pics.
Terrain :

YC is on the left, I'm on the right. YC goes first.
Annotations will be from pov of this pic.

Deployment :

BA deploys 1 Assault Squad in Rhino behind bottom-most building.
1 Assault Squad in Rhino deploys behind center building.
Sanguinor deploys in center.

IG deploys Company Command Squad in top-right forest, snaking 2 bodyguards out with the Commander.
3 HWTs deploy in forest, hill and side of hill around the Commander.
20 man combined Infantry Squad deploys behind the HWT on hill, wrapping it.
50 man Conscripts deploys in a toga line in front of everyone, snaking around the 18 inch away from BA units.
Platoon Command Squad deploys inbetween HWTs.

(The white templates are Lascannon HWTs)
(The long snaking line in the front is conscripts)
(The long snaking line at the back is a 20 man Infantry Squad)

Turn 1 :

BA comes in 1 Landspeeder Melta on bottom side to land beside the Rhino.
Bottom Rhino pushes up towards centre conscripts line and pops smoke.
Center Rhino pushes up towards topside conscripts line and pops smoke.
Sanguinor walks foward.
Baal Predator comes in on topmost corner.
Scouts comes in towards the bottom forest.
Dreadnought drops in front of Conscripts line.

(those wolves are also proxy HWTs)

IG 2 HWTs with 1 Platoon Command Squad comes in at the bottom.

2 Leman Russ comes in at center behind conscripts (in the space provided)

1 more HWT come in above LRBTs.

1 Lord Commissar comes in towards the middle of the 3 HWTs in the initial deployment.

20m Infantry links up with Lord Commissar to give him wounds.

First round of shooting sees the topside Rhino wrecked and the assault marines coming out.
FRFSRF by the platoon commander to the conscripts sees an insane 100+ shots pouring into the assault marines and 4 deaths.

Turn 2 :

BA topside Assault Squad assaults the conscripts with Sanguinor, drawing them nearer to the line but still failing to move them by much (only shortens it by 12 inch). Conscripts loses combat, runs and dies.
Dreadnought assaults 1 HWT at bottom, killing the HWT.
Bottomside Assault Squad disembarks, assaults bottom Platoon Command Squad and wipes them. Rhino speeds back into its own lines to deny KP.
Landspeeder speeds in around the bottom building to land side armour shots at LRBT with melta but fails to penetrate.
Baal Predator decides to hide behind buildings for the time being.

IG comes in 30 man Infantry Squad at bottom to lay down some Rapid Fire into bottom Assault Squads killing a few.
LRBTs push upwards to land some templates on Scouts in forest who promptly went to ground.
20 man Infantry Squad moves into position to pour FRFSRF into Sanguinor. Even a 2+ Armour Save did not manage to stop the volume of dice rolls that resulted in enough 1s for Sanguinor to eat 2 wounds. Follow-up Rapid Fire by Platoon Command Squad (9 shots) produced 1 unsaved wound for Sanguinor to die.
Bottom 2 HWTs immobs Landspeeder.
Top 2 HWTs wreck Dreadnought and saves LRBT from str 10 bloodfist.

Turn 3 :

BA Bottom Assault Squad shoots the HWT, breaking them and forcing them to run for their lives.
Top side Assault Squad assaults HWT in forest and eats them, consolidates into forest.
3 HWTs left.
Sanguinary Guards deepstrike in, tries to inferno the LRBTs but failed, dealing 2 Weapon Destroyed and 1 Shaken. 1 LRBT is now weaponless.

IG 30 man Infantry Squad continues RF into BA Assault Squad, killing a few.
More Rapid Fire into the top BA Assault Squad, wiping the unit out.

(IG Line secured after turn 4)

Turn 4 :

BA Droppod tries to kill squishies but fails. Baal Predator moves out into sight but fails to dakka dakka. BA Assault Squad assaults into 30 man Infantry Squad but draws. Sanguinary Guards multi-assaults 2 HWTs and eats both. 1 HWT left.

IG 30 man Infantry Squad draws combat with Assault Squad again. Bring It Down! to last HWT brings Baal Predator down (wreck). LRBT and 20 man Infantry Squad wipes out Sanguinary Guard.

Turn 5 :

BA last remaining Assault Squad finally eats 30 man Infantry Squad. (I lost by 1 but rolled 8 for leadership so failed by 1.)

IG LRBTs turn around to template Assault Squad into oblivion.

Turn 6 :

BA Scouts decided to save their lives and embarks into Rhino and flees.

IG earns 2 more KP by Bring It Down! the Droppod. LRBT template + lascannon produces 1 Weapon Destroyed and 1 Immob on Landspeeder, which combined with previous Immob = wreck.

Turn 7 :

Game ends as Rhino scoots to far corner.


  1. Great batrep!

    The sight of the conscript deployment is a sight to behold :))

    Nicely played man!

  2. I should rush the 2 rhinos towards together and play the baal predator more aggressively lol.

  3. I made a mistake in the BS of the conscripts. I thought they were BS 3, but sadly they are only BS 2.

    So I should have much less hits/wounds than on the Assault Squad.

  4. Oh well they will die eventually with my dice rolls. They or rather I really need a sanguinary priest nearby to increase their survival rate.