Friday, June 18, 2010

IG vs BA 1.75k

After the massacre by our friendly neighbourhood Space Wolves, I've changed the list a bit.

Gone were 2 Infantry Squads, replaced by 2 Special Weapons Squad, 1 with demo charge and 1 with 2 melta to face YC's BA (Mephiston makes his appearance.)

Mission : Capture and Control
Deployment : Pitched Battle (again!)
All annotations are again from pov of camera.
Deployment : As per the Pics above.
BA has 2 Assault Squads in the 2 Rhinos below.
Assault Termies with Sanguin Priest in Land Raider Redeemer.
Mephiston deploys inside area terrain.
Baal Predator reserves.
IG has multiple Infantry Squads spread over. Creed is on the 2nd floor of the top building.
Special Weapon Squad with demo charge in reserve.
Turn 1 :
BA moves everything forward and pops smoke. Mephiston fails psyker test and takes 1 wound.
IG immobs Dreadnought. Seeing an unprotected Mephiston = 3 rounds of Fire on My Target! (successful cover saves must be rerolled) sees Mephiston taking another 2 wounds from AP2 Lascannons. 1 Infantry Squad and 1 Platoon Command Squad tries to move left towards BA objective.
Turn 2 :
BA Rhino tries to tank shock HWT but they pass their morale. Mephiston assaults and eats 1 infantry squad holding objective in forest. Termies disembark and eats a HWT.
Baal Predator comes in from reserve on top flank, flames 1 Infantry Squad and 1 Platoon Command Squad. Infantry Squad panics off.
IG Fires on My Target on Mephiston and kills him. Bring It Down! immobs Baal Predator and destroys 1 Flamer turret. Shots into LR:R and Termies shrugged off.
Turn 3 :
BA tries to tank shock more troops but failed to panic any off. Dreadnought stormbolters Platoon Command Squad (with 2 men left) into oblivion. Termies multi-charges an Infantry Squad and HWT and eats both. LR:R moves away to attack Creed's side of the flank (top). 1 Assault marine disembarks and eats the HWT at the bottom.
IG wrecks a Rhino with Bring It Down! More firepower kills 2 Termies that lost their Feel No Pain. (mistake on YC's part). Leman Russes tries to template as much marines as possible.
Turn 4 :
BA Assault Marines and Termies eat more Infantry Squads and 1 more HWT. LR:R moves into sight of 1 HWT. It shoots at the Leman Russes and gets a lucky pen, immobs 1 tank which wrecks due to squadron rules.
IG Bring It Down! wrecks LR:R with a lucky pen. Leman Russ continues to template marines.
Synchronised shooting sees Assault marines and Termies taking casualties.
Turn 5 :
BA eats last HWT and 1 more Infantry Squad through assaults by Termies and Assault marines. 2nd Assault marines moves to capture IG objective.
IG fails to template off objective holding Marines. Assault Squad with Priest wiped out through shooting. Termies shot to 1 Termie left.

Game Ends with BA holding 1 objective to IG 0.


  1. Assault squad with librarian was wiped out. The priest was with the assault squad that grab the IG objective.

    I learned something new today, frag assault launcher.