Sunday, June 20, 2010

IG vs BA 1.75k Summary

Played a game against Daniel's BA list. His BA is totally different from YC's, involving Dante in an assault squad, and drop-podding assault squads and Dreadnoughts.

His list is :

Assault Squadx10
Sanguin Priest (this squad reserves)


Assault Squadx10
Drop pod

Drop pod

Drop pod

Death Coy


Mission was Capture and Control, Deployment was Spearhead and BA went first.

IG used Creed's list again, but drops the infantry squads into 4 squads max, adds a vet squad that outflanks and adds Marbo. Vet Squad, Marbo and the Leman Russ reserves.

The game went basically like this.

Turn 1 :
BA drops dreadnoughts in front of the HWTs and attempt to flame them off. DC and Mephiston goes for broke towards IG positions.
IG destroys both Dreadnoughts, stuns Vindicator and wrecks DC Rhino.

Turn 2 :
BA Dante flies in, and proceeds to flame (3 flamers) Creed's CCS and deals 11 wounds, killing all but Creed. Last Assault Squad also drops in, divides into 2 Squads and shoots some HWTs. Mephiston eats a HWT.
IG fails to bring in any reserve. Creed moves away and the surrounding HWTs wipes out a 5 man Assault Squad.

Turn 3 :
BA Dante destroys more HWTs. Assault Squad is assault-blocked by a 20 man Infantry Squad and assaults in. Mephiston eats 1 more Infantry Squad. Creed dies to shooting.
IG brings in all reserves. Veteran Squad outflanks and goes to capture undefended BA objective.
Marbo pops up near Dante and demo charges his Assault Squad, killing 7 marines. Leman Russ comes in and templates Dante's squad.

Turn 4 :
BA Dante tries to destroy Leman Russ but fails with only 1 Wep Destroyed result. Marbo dies. Assault Squad eats the 20 man Infantry Squad. Vindicator tries to template Vet squad off but fails.
IG continues advance towards BA objective. More shooting fails to stop the BA from moping up the rest of the HWTs.

Turn 5 :
BA Vindicator again fails to template off Veteran Squad. 3 men Assault Squad captures IG objective.
IG Vet Squad melts Vindicator. Tries to contest IG objective with 1 last remaining HWT.

Turn 6 :
BA destroys Leman Russ. Finishes eating all troops on IG side of table.

Game ends in draw as IG claim BA objective and BA claims IG objective.

Outflanking Vets saved the day by claiming the undefended BA objective.
BA went assault mad and swept the IG side with deepstriking Dante and drop pods.
Marbo is crazy.
3 flamers in an deepstriking assault squad that doesn't scatter is very painful for IG foot list as they are AP 5 and ignores my cover saves.


  1. Rambo killed 7 of the Emperor's finest, the almighty Space Marines. My arse =)

    Go go go Marbo. Wooo WOoo!