Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baptism of Fire

So I tested my list against 2 Space Marine chapters today. I'll post the AAR later, but I'll just write my thoughts here so the AAR won't be so cluttered.

Playing against Defu's Razorbacks exposed a weakness in the list (which is always good to find out.)

There is a decidedly lack of ability for the list to recover against vehicles after the HWTs are spammed to death by missile templates. I lost 3 HWTs in the first turn of SW's shooting. Subsequently, lasguns shots are useless against vehicle armour. Defu's Razorbacks then proceeded to mope up the infantry squads with the HWT threat neutralised.

My deployment against Defu sucked terribly. I need to learn to deploy more efficiently and not waste the potential firepower by picketing here and there.

The list needs to adapt. Creed is useless when there is no one for him to order around. 1round of shooting was all it took for Defu to hammer my army into submission.

I dropped more infantry bodies against the BA in favour of some SWS.

The deployment against YC was improved as I decided to forgo the objective and instead deployed so that I can shoot at his troops trying to claim my objective.

So in the end, IG shot. And BA assaulted. The battle showcased how both armies worked I think.

In shooting, IG performed. My HWTs wrecked 2 Rhinos and 1 Landraider, immobed the Dreadnought and wep destroyed its stormbolter, immob and wep destroyed the Baal Predator that scouted in on my flank. The HWTs also killed Mephiston, dealing 4 out of 5 wounds to him (he suffered 1 wound failing a perils). Massed lasguns shot dead 1 librarian, 3 termies and some assault marines. LRBT templates and Master of Ordnance templates accounted for another 1 termie and some assault marines. BA basically had only the epistolary and sanguin priest, 1 termie and 2 assault marines on table at the end of turn 5. The dreadnought and baal predator was immobed and ignored. And this is after he had the first turn, moving everyone max distance and popping smoke in the first turn.

In assault, BA excelled. The Rhinos and Land Raider did their job, delivering their packages to the desired destinations intact. The 2 assault squads and assault termies ate 1 platoon command squad, 3 infantry squads and 5 of my HWTs in multiple charges/combat. 1 Sanguin priest and 1 assault termie was poised to assault the rest of my infantry squads and company command squad


  1. Actually I was reading the rule book again and found that it is quite hard to perform multiple charge. They need to follow the below rules before getting a multiple charge.

    1)Declare assault and move closest assaulting model to closest defending enemy model.
    2)Move assault model btb with unengage enemy model, if that is not possible go to (3)
    3)move assault model to engage enemy model. If that is still not possible go to (4)
    4)move assault model to within 2" of engaged friendly model. if that is not possible go to (5)
    5)maintain 2" coherency


    like this picture link.

  2. I am glad we managed to learn something from our games.

    YC, the key to multiple charge is movement. One hint is to conga-line your assaulting unit so that the models aiming the next unit has 'no choice' but to assault them!

    More practice calls for more games? Haha