Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Apparently I'm American

After a do-1-or-don't-1 tussle for the past few months, I finally bought a box of Tamiya US GI Infantry 1/48 box. Inside was supposed to be 13 infantry models and 2 tank crewmen.
The bad news is that the 2 tank crewmen are missing their lower half and cannot be used for other purposes.
The good news is that the models at 1/48 scale are just nice to be proxied as troopers. As you can see in the pic above, they are thinner than the normal cadian troopers but stand just as tall. The poses are more varied too.
Other good news is that of the 13 infantry models stated, 9 are actual single models. The other 4 models are actually a machine-gun crew and a bazooka crew. So I actually get 9 troopers and 2 HWTs per box. All I need now are bases and I can draft them into my infantry platoons.


  1. wow you finally found the correct size model. They look amazing compared to the cadian IMO. Cadian look like cartoon, head big big , body small small.

  2. Sweet. Thanks for posting the comparison picture. I'm off to buy my own ;)