Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Descent of Angels

Screams of the dying echoed in the air.

The Blood Angels and Space Wolves had dropped into an undefended cratered plain five klicks away. Establishing a beachhead there, their Rhinos had started to rumble forth towards the city. The Blood Angels led the assault from the front, whilst the Space Wolves hunted from the sides. The 13th Julian had deployed on the outskirts of the city, hoping to blast the Empire's advance to smithereens in the open fields. But Blood Angels are still masters of the assault, shrugging off the numerous blasts and gunshots, and plowed into the huddled ranks of the guardsmen, to do what they do best.

Killing, murdering, massacring.

The array of lascannon squads had melted away in the assault by Blood Angels, their crews firing their cannons to the last moment and died defending their guns. The smoking hulls of the Rhinos in front of them were testaments to their dedication.

Commandant Lukas surveyed the scenes of carnage. Lieutenant Morgan had done well. His well-drilled men had stood their ground and poured volleys after volleys of fire into the enemy ranks. He and his company had died well too, slaughtered to a man while defending their posts. They had taken an entire squad of Space Marines with them into the world beyond, including a vaulted Librarian. Morgan and his men will be missed.

"Commandant, Land Raider to the right." Major Fletcher brought Luka's attention to the present. A Land Raider, massive assault tank of the Blood Angels, had rumbled into view, its assault cannons firing wildly. A screaming whirl echoed in the air as a hidden lascannon squad sighted the Land Raider. Its shots tore its way through the thin air, trying to rend the armour off the Land Raider. The Land Raider's hull darkened as it absorbed the lascannon firepower. Then suddenly, the Land Raider shuddered as the lascannons found a weakened spot in its hull. The engine melted and exploded, throwing the Land Raider into the air as it imploded. A screaming Space Marine stumbled out of an opened seam in the hull as his body melted.

"Commandant, the battle is lost. They have taken the fields to the left." A lone figure strode into the room. Lord Commissar Zhenkrov pointed his gloved hand at the map strewn over the table.

"The Marines are now fast approaching this position from our exposed flank. Lieutenant Pagge's men are still holding their ground but they will not last long. I believe it is time we save what we can and retreat. Space Wolves Razorbacks have also been sighted in the hills beyond the outskirts. Their movement indicates that they are trying to envelop us. Delay, and we will be cut off."

Commandant Lukas considered the map for a moment. "Radio Captain Pierce. Tell him to get his tank company out of here. We may have lost this city, but the war continues. We will rendevous at the town of Mabec."

Lukas turned towards the window. Out there once lies a city glorifying the greatness of the Emperor. But his people had seen the truth. The truth of the corruption and manipulation that claimed the Emperor's legacy and perverted it. Now this corrupted Empire is here, to crush his people.

But not without a fight.


  1. For Russ and the Allfather!


    Excellent fluff. Now to polish my fangs =)

    (Heard from one of the razorback crew haha)

  2. For The Emperor and Sanguinius!

  3. Well written with flair and conviction man :)

  4. Yeah man, really excellent fluff. Makes my blood tingle lol.

    Cool to also read from the traitors' perspective, much like the new SW and 1000sons novels. More to come please?